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July 31, 2013

Royal Roads.

I'm considering going back to school again. A Masters Degree would be my next step. I don't need one for my journey but love to learn & have an individual or two that I'd like to "shut up"  because of their constant judgement that I'm doing the work I do without a Masters. I realize that is the wrong reason to continue my post~secondary but truthfully, it would give me a lot of satisfaction. I graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto on 20.10.2010 (cool grad date!) & loved my time there but would love to do more. I don't need more letters behind my name for sure but the studying, writing papers, meeting other students, sharing ideas & being challenged would be lovely once again!

I'd love to graduate from here:

Royal Roads University in Sooke, B.C.

View out to the ocean.

Beautifully trimmed hedges.

Royal Roads was a castle,
then a military base,
now a university.

One of the lecture classrooms. 
Vintage curtains blowing in the wind.

English garden.

The resident peacock!

My lovey enjoying the view.

Loving the castle!

The graduation staircase.

The castle protector!

Visit Royal Roads for more pics. 
I'm off to dream ....


Lorrie said...

It would be a lovely place to study. Our daughter had her wedding photos taken in the gardens there - it was so much fun!

Chy said...

We've visited a few times. I think as lovely as it is, I might be so distracted by the beauty, I may fail at studying!! But I'd have the best pictures .... ;)