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July 7, 2013

Saturday Night Sunset.

Beautiful sunset on the coast last night.

We were invited up to the "big house"
aka as the owners house. 

Wine, lemon bread, good laughs.
Wonderful new friends!

They are so excited that we 
moving here & gave us lots to 
think about, as well as a ton of
praise for doing our "homework"
so diligently before venturing on
to true island life. 

Can't wait for the dream to be reality!!


Cheapchick said...

Soon girlfriend! The years go faster than you think!

Chy said...

Can't wait! We could do it as soon as next year but likely it will take a couple of years as we have our acreage to get rid of, as well as our house in town. Need to do it right so we have the most capital possible. I know in the end, it will be worth the time!

Off to take pics of tonight's sunset, say goodbye to the dear lambs down the road & one more evening hot tub before we leave tomorrow. Hoping for a quick hot tub in the morning too for my achy body before we hit the ferry then the plane. Back to reality but not sad because we get to come back in the fall.