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July 16, 2013

Conversations with Mr. B.

Conversations with Mr. B., at the ripe old age of 32 months, with his Gramma, me!

"B, where is baby L living now?" 
"He lives in Bancouber."  
"That's right. But B, baby L is a girl, like Gramma & Nana & Momma & Auntie C." 
"No Gramma! He is not a girl!" 
"Yes she is! A girl just like her Mommy, Auntie A."
"No, L is a he, not a she!"
"If L is not a girl, then what is B?" 
"B is a B!"  


"Gramma, you are not as smart as Buzz Lightyear." 
"Really! I think I'm pretty smart." 
"But you're not as smart as Buzz, 'cause he can fly in the sky & you can't! If you can't fly, you're not smart like he is, 'cause he figured out how to fly in the sky. But you didn't yet. Grampa told me you can't fly like Buzz 'cause you're not tall enough!" 


And finally: 

"Gramma, I don't want to talk to you anymore." 
"Why not, B?" 
"You're not saying the right words. I need C. to come down here & say the right words!" 
**translation: Gramma told B. he couldn't have a treat because it wasn't a treat day. P.S. Auntie C. wouldn't give him a treat either!

I should really start recording his conversations with us. Too funny!

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