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July 11, 2013

Our Baby!

Today, our oldest baby turned 28.

Yup, we're that old!!

We were told the chances of conceiving would be slim & the chances of carrying a baby to term if smaller. Yet, we conceived the first month we tried, carried her to full term (plus an extra 3 days), birthed her naturally, without drugs or interventions, she was supposed to be "tiny" but came out with rolls of fat at an even 8 lbs., with a full head of black hair & a gentle spirit. She guided us through the early days of parenting, letting us parent from our hearts & our guts, without protest or temper. The gentlest baby on the earth, the best sleeper & a personality that was truly sweet from the start. We are thankful for her every day & for the easy beginning she gave us as we created our amazing, loving family. I'm almost sad we're here already but so proud to watch her become the wonderful young lady she has become & the most loving momma to our precious grandson, B. Thank you, C, for all you have brought to our lives!!


Once Upon A Time........ said...

What a lovely post. Happy birthday to your first born and what treasured memories you must have made together over the years.

Chy said...

Thank you! She's a love for sure & we had a great time celebrating her yesterday. Looking forward to a bigger family celebration on the weekend. I feel old now but happy to have such a great kid!