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June 14, 2021

Thunder Storms.

After a beautiful weekend of warm sun and blue skies, we woke up to a very strong thunderstorm this morning. Rain, lightening (even a warning) and the loudest thunder that I've ever heard. We had storms thru the day, my first at hospice for the year. This picture is looking northwest and that dark cloud was very quickly over our building rain and swirling the clouds. We're under a warning tonight, and have sun, rain, lightening, thunder, wind and now it's calm but dark. Supposed to last thru the night and well in to tomorrow. I'm not sure what the purpose of thunder and lightening is but wish we could just have rain as needed, without all the drama! I got lots of work done, despite the noise.

Our cottage is pretty humid tonight. We'll likely turn the air conditioning on for a bit before we head to bed to cool everything down. Hoping it's not too loud thru the night. Our weekend was busy, so I'm feeling tired today. Fingers and toes crossed that the thunder gods let us sleep tonight!

Hope you had an amazing, quiet day today.
Namaste my dear blogging buddies!

~ Chy

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