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June 4, 2021

Special Project.

The last time our ds and his family were over to the cottage, they brought this slightly beat up old dollhouse for me to work some magic on. It's very solid, handmade and well loved. Our little granddaughter is so excited but it's taking me a bit to get the project completed. I work on it here and there but with a rainy weekend on the horizon, I do hope to get a good chunk of it done. It was brown wood on the outside but she picked pink for the exterior color, so pink it is! I'll replace the opaque windows with some wood ones that I'll paint white. I started the roof shingles this morning and think that I'll paint those a nice brown and add in some green moss. A very special project ~ a true labor of love.

Today was hard and at the same time, lovely. A day off from work after many deaths and deadlines this past week. Other than a quick check of emails before we took kids to school, and a second check at the end of the day, I managed to keep work out of my head today. That made it a good day. When we dropped kids off, we decided to head over to Costco, no line up and we were in and out so quick. Fresh fruit, a beet salad to try at lunch, tuna, ciabatta buns, muffins, yogurt, chicken to package up for the freezer, Olive Garden salad dressing, our favorite nut mix and frozen yogurt bars while the weather is so hot. We rushed home to put everything away and wait for the delivery truck with our 2 loads of dirt. We waited and waited and finally they answered when we kept trying to call. And they showed up at 5:30. Ugh, but at least we have the dirt we need for now. More to come in time. And all day, I felt so nauseated. I think it's a combination of the heat as well as starting back on my supplements to boost my adrenals. Clearly I was low as it's really hit me hard this round. But this too shall pass and then I'll feel good again. That made it a hard day. The predicted thunderstorm showed up, and in between the sun, the rain fell, the wind blew and the sky boomed. It's quiet for now but supposed to start up again. I did weed this morning while waiting for the dirt, so the garden will look great. It's supposed to rain through the night and most of tomorrow. After my kids grief class, we may drive in to town to get more paint brushes for the dollhouse. We'll see what happens when we wake up. Our weather here is unpredictable at best. We just "go with the flow" cause we can't fight it. Hoping that there will be some sun so we can sit outside and enjoy the landscape after the rain. I love the freshness of of it all and the smell of cedar from our deck.

I'm off to finish watching "The Kaminsky
Method." Such a great series. Namaste.

~ Chy

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Mereknits said...

Hope you had time to work on that wonderful dollhouse. And I hope you continue to feel better. Stay safe.