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June 15, 2021

Sewing Vignette.

Over the last year of working from home and living from home, all the time, we've worked on various projects to keep busy. The art studio was one area that got a lot of our attention. It's been fun pulling it all together. We're almost done. A bit more organizing to complete, then some curtains to source or sew, and hang. Then I'll take photos and show how we put together this amazing spot to create. 

As you enter the studio, on the left side is a little alcove and we placed a vintage dresser in this spot. Inside the dresser is baby clothes that had meaning and we've kept. Some very vintage from my childhood up to our little grand babies. Not sure yet if these precious items will be shadow boxed or made in to quilts. But for now, they are safely tucked away in my dh's grandfather's dresser. The bottom drawer also holds the overflow material I've collected for quilting. We have a tall dresser in another corner that holds the majority of my material, as well as lace, extra doilies my gramma made and sewing tools. Now I'm all ready to sew again.

I created this sweet corner with sewing in mind. The lamp was a thrift store find and perfect as we've added a bit of teal into this space, along with our traditional lavender, sage green and ivory. The carved shelf was a clearance bin sale from Michael's. The original tag said $69.99 but I paid $10.00 for it. A collection of thimbles, buttons and scissors grace this space. The tin sign was an antique mall find and it finally has it's home. Ejoy my little sewing vignette!

Off to shower and get ready for work. Sleep last night was not great with the storms but they've finally stopped. I have a break later today between work and my board meeting tonight, so a nap may be in order. Hope your day is amazing and quiet! Namaste my dear blogging buddies. 

~ Chy


R's Rue said...

Have a beautiful day my friend. Many blessings.

Debi said...

Very sweet and lovely. It will truly inspire you to create!