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June 16, 2021

Deficit Mode.

Storms continue to fill our days. And nights as well. I appreciate the rain but when you live in a forest, the crazy wind can wreak havoc on the trees. We have one that looks like someone pushed it over and it's trying so hard to get back up. I'm sure we'll have to take the chainsaw to it on the weekend. Today has started out windy with cloudy/sunny skies. Not sure what the forecast is just yet. It's almost not worth the time to look as  it changes hourly around here anyway. Hoping to get thru today without tons of thunder and lightening. It's definitely not my favorite thing.

As you can see by my photo above, I'm working away on creating a memorial table at our hospice to remember our residents who have died. We have the tall candle, the short pot to hold pens and a lighter, and the memory box behind where staff can write notes to share memories. We'll also have a scrapbook with a page for each resident if the families are open to this. I'm almost done and hope to set this up today. Then I need to start to look for an item we can order to give to each family when their loved one dies. So many wonderful ideas that we can incorporate in to our programming. I've got a short day on site this morning, then a long afternoon into the evening with counselling from home. I'm feeling super tired today but hope a quick workout will help before I shower. My energy is definitely in a deficit mode this week. Hope you are doing well and have an amazing day today! Be as kind to yourself as you can be.


~ Chy

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