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June 13, 2021

Right Here. Right Now.

What I'm wearing .... my blue floral Victoria's Secret pyjama set ~ shorts and a tank top. It's hot tonight and this is cool.

What I'm reading .... "I Was Anastasia." Almost done. So good! I don't want to put it down. Should be a movie!

What's happening in my kitchen .... closed up for the night. Clean and quiet. Ready for tomorrow's creations.

What's outside my window .... birds still singing, frogs croaking and a sun setting behind the trees.

What I'm thankful for .... a beautiful weekend, time with our son and his family to celebrate his birthday, great gardening and lovely neighbors who helped out, then came back later tonight for appys and beer on the deck. So very blessed.

What I'm smelling .... my coconut cream on my hands.

What I'm hearing .... a show about Carrie Fisher.

What I'm crafting .... our sweet granddaughter's dollhouse.

What's on my mind .... the task list for the week, wondering if we can get our 2nd dose earlier than what is booked, and if I'll get up in time tomorrow to do my workout before I shower and head in to work for the morning.

Words to live by .... the quote above. So timely ....

                   Namaste my dear blogging buddies. 

~ Chy


Linda said...

Sounds calm and peaceful where you are.....

Chy said...

It was for sure. But tonight .... big thunderstorm! Loud and crazy!!

Thanks for visiting Linda.

X Chy