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July 31, 2018


After a very busy weekend, we decided
to treat ourselves with a greenhouse tour.

The pond is not looking healthy but
the rest of the landscape was amazing.

Many colors and inspiration ~ lots of
ideas to take home to our garden plans.

I hope one day to have beautiful and
colorful perennials filling our space.

My favorite of the day ~ a hosta that
is the opposite of the one we have.
White with green edges instead of
green with white edges. Sweet!

We finished off our tour looking at
various kinds of rose bushes to add
to the plan. I love the soft greens of
this one. It has light pink rose petals.


A Joyful Chaos said...

Lovely plants!

I always love going to a greenhouse. It would be easy to buy more plants than I could care for. I just want them all. :)

Chy said...

I always have to restrain myself .... I did buy a small lavendar plant for $4. But couldn't have spent $400 with every thing I was ooohing and aaahhhing over! X Chy