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July 8, 2018

My Task List.

If you're anything like me, you probably have an ongoing "to do" list of projects to work on. Mine is always evolving, especially with a new build and moving to the country. I'm on a bit of a holiday from work and am trying to finish up a few items on the list. I won't get the mall done but working as hard as I can to get through as many as I can. It will be a continuous work in progress, with an end in sight, I hope, one day! 

Here's my current list:

* install all 4 rain barrels
* book the deck installation
* finish organizing the art studio
* work on deck (flatten/add rock)
* set up fire pit area with flat rocks
* set up dh's workshop in the garage
* purge, clean and organize the garage
* install the pickets on the garden fence
* spread the pea gravel that was delivered 
* create way to encourage the peas to climb
* finish the gallery wall in the guest bedroom
* check out why the rain gutter  is not draining well
* have an electrician hang the lights in the art studio 
* finish the gallery wall in the hall in the great room
* clean out the freezer for the first time since the Fall
* search for the fabric to make curtains through the house
* find someone to paint the walls and ceiling in the garage
* move items from basement storage to the garage storage 

We have 18 items on our list and so far, we've managed to complete 7 of those. Today is day 2 to work on the garage. We made huge progress today and I'm hopeful we'll get another good chunk down today. The storage room is now empty and our first task of the day is to build the shelving unit that will hold the bins of items we need to keep in storage, including our seasonal decorations. Then tomorrow I can spend time setting up dh's workshop space so we can work on refinishing furniture. Excited to get this task done so we can get someone in to paint. That task might not happen until next year but we'll see what the quotes say and what the timelines are for availability. Wish us luck with all this work!

What does your list look like?
Do you have any progress reports?


Granny Marigold said...

I do indeed wish you luck in getting all your projects done. Making a list and then checking off the things done is so rewarding. I've been known to put things on the list that I've just finished so I can strike them off. Silly, I know, but it works for me. Have a pleasant and productive week.

Chy said...

I almost got the long list done. Happy that I got most of it done.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend. It's pouring rain here now but hope that the rest of the weekend will be warm and sunny so we can finish a few tasks.

X Chy