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July 15, 2018

Garden Colors.

Our Hydranea is small but healthy and
growing more each week. Can't wait
for the sweet and precious blooms that
will soon appear. This is a Limelight.

A tiny perennial we planted last Summer.
I'll have to dig up the name in my book.

Natural flowers and weeds thriving
in the meadow surrounding our garden.

Blooms in a shrub I thought we might
have to return but it's come back in color.

How is your garden doing this Summer?
Do you have lots of different colors?


Anne in the kitchen said...

I have many hydrangeas that were bought in many colors, but our soil is so acidic that they all eventually turn shades of blue. The upside of highly acidic soil is incredible azaleas in the springtime.

Chy said...

Blue would be amazing to see. I love our green/pink limelights and hope they begin to bloom soon. X Chy