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July 8, 2018

Quiet Isolation.

I love country living.
But sometimes it's lonely.

In the Summer, everywhere
we look, we are surrounded
by beautiful tall and green
trees, with changing colors.

In the Winter, once the leaves have
fallen, we can see some neighbors.

But then it's cold and we all retreat
to the comfort of our warm homes.

When we lived in town, our neighbors
were so close, it was hard to be private.

But I did enjoy knowing someone was always
right there, close by and very easy for access.

I miss standing on the driveway and talking
to neighbors. Sharing stories and laughter.

We've gotten to know our neighbors a bit
and as much as I like our privacy, I may
have to make more of an effort to get
to know them all. The first year we were
here, the community had a welcoming
bbq. Last year, it rained, so we did pop
over for a few minutes but left when the
lightening became dangerous. I did think
this Winter about sending out a note to
see if anyone would be interested in
starting a book club or having a regular
coffee/tea date. I'm hoping there would
be someone along our little country road
that would love to connect over the cold
Winter months and enjoy our gardens
in the warm Summer days. Here's hoping!


Granny Marigold said...

When we first moved into this house ( 40 years ago) we got to know the neighbours up and down the street. We took turns having Christmas parties and in summer visited over the fence or even on the driveways. One by one they sold and new people that moved in were busy with their lives and although polite, were very private. I don't mind being on my own as much as my husband but he has found his niche volunteering at Gleaners and that provides the interaction he needs with people. I'm much more of an introvert than he is.
I hope you find the perfect solution to the isolation you feel.

Chy said...

It was so different then, wasn't it? I'm taking some solace in the small interactions we have with neighbors when we stop to pick up the mail, or are out for a walk. I love the "country wave" we all give each other out on the road too. It is different out here but I think in time I'll get used to the quiet and make plans to form a book club or coffee dates. X Chy