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July 13, 2018

List Update.

Hello blogging buddies. Now that my week off has concluded (it was a great week), here's the progress of my long task list:

* install all 4 rain barrels
* book the deck installation
* finish organizing the art studio
* work on deck (flatten/add rock)
* set up fire pit area with flat rocks
* set up dh's workshop in the garage
* purge, clean and organize the garage
* install the pickets on the garden fence
* spread the pea gravel that was delivered
* create way to encourage the peas to climb
* finish the gallery wall in the guest bedroom
* check out why the rain gutter  is not draining well
* have an electrician hang the lights in the art studio 
* finish the gallery wall in the hall in the great room
* clean out the freezer for the first time since the Fall
* search for the fabric to make curtains through the house
* find someone to paint the walls and ceiling in the garage
* move items from basement storage to the garage storage

We couldn't install the 4 rain barrels as the ground was too wet from the recent rain. The same with checking out the rain gutter ~ definitely something is blocked but we hope the rain will end by tomorrow and then start to dry out so we can complete both these tasks. Hopefully!

Looking for fabric we moved to our new list. We decided the garage and the landscaping were more important at this time. In it's place, we did move all the paving blocks from the spot they've occupied since last Summer to their new spot to house the fire pit and the Adirondack Chairs we bought. 

I've put a call in to our electrician but no response just yet. I've asked our son if he'd like to help paint but he's mulling it over ~ paid job, so hopefully he says yes. If not, then we'll find a local painter. Here's hoping we can keep it in the family!

The freezer clean out is the last item to tackle. I hope to do this tomorrow as if there is anything we need to throw out, Sunday is the day we take our compost bin down to the road for pick up. I don't anticipate throwing out much, maybe a frozen bag of peas that was lost in the bottom. We've been so good using the freezer, eating everything we buy. 

That's my progress report. Hope you've had a chance to get all your tasks completed this week. Time to make a new list!


Granny Marigold said...

Cleaning out the freezer is not a job I enjoy.

Chy said...

We've never had a stand alone freezer so this will be a new adventure! X Chy

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Feels good to get so many list items crossed off. We are working one bite at a time on our list. Slowly. Thanks for the update Chy.

Chy said...

Thank you Joy. I love lists and crossing items off. Helps to stay organized and feel accomplished, especially when there is always so much to do! X Chy