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January 31, 2016

Waiting Room Art.

Isn't it amazing? Our family doctor moved to a new building a couple of years ago and one of the design choices they made was to install this beautiful glass wall between the waiting room and the front desk. You can see the front desk from the entrance but when you are sitting off to the side in the waiting room, there is privacy for the staff and clients who are discussing personal information. You can see the light coming through and that is the huge picture window behind the front desk staff. Really very beautiful and it gives such a warm and cozy feeling in the room. I love staring at it anytime we are at the doctors, which on average is only once a year for our physicals and rarely but at times like this week when we were both ill. We never have to wait more than a few minutes but I do love that while we wait, we can either watch the tv that is on, or read a magazine, or gaze at this sweet art! So much better than staring at a plan wall or the front reception desk..

When we go to our naturopath, whom we see more frequently through the year, the office is quite eclectic, warm and colorful and of course, completely organic. I love having both our caregivers, whom have some similar views on health and some opposing as well but do great jobs of keeping us well and caring for us when we're not. A modern view and an ancient view that works well for our little eclectic family.

Does your doctor's office have art?
Do you have more than one caregiver?

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