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January 27, 2016

It finally happened ....

.... the tile man showed up at our
door late yesterday afternoon.

Ironically, it was seven months ago
yesterday that we received our keys.

I know that even months is a long time 
to wait for the tiling to be completed.

But after meeting this gentleman
and seeing his beautiful work ....

.... we are more than happy that we 
remained hopeful he'd show up one day.

Have you ever waited patiently for something to 
be completed and were grateful when it was done?


Delia West said...

It looks gorgeous love the colour of the cupboards to, dee

Sonya Ann said...

That is perfect. I'm in love with it.
We had been thinking about redoing the tile in the upstairs bath but couldn't find anything we liked and it was a bit out of our price range. We happened at a garage sale on the last day and they were getting rid of their lovely tile all for $20!!!!! Now all we have to do is gut the bath!!!

Linda said...

Your tile work was indeed worth the wait. Beautiful. I dreamed of moving to Oregon when I retired. I worked very hard the year before I retired to make that dream come true, and indeed it happened. After 62 years in Texas we moved to Oregon. More than worth the wait. We love living here.

Anne in the kitchen said...

That is beautiful craftsmanship I understand why you waited!
I am beyond patient if it means the difference in having to compromise what I want vs. taking the time required to get it done like I want it to be. That being said though, I am finicky about very few things and most of the time I can find a middle ground. But Hell will freeze over before I give in on the things I really care about.