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January 18, 2016

And just like that!

.... Blue Monday turned into Sunny Monday! The sun came out and our landscape is once again shiny and light. A parcel we were waiting for arrived right on time with the loveliest deliver man at my door (I was so excited, I even gave him a tip!), new referrals are coming through my email for families, lunch was leftovers but so scrumptious, I don't have to drive into town as dh can pick up dd and my favorite show returns tonight with an action packed episode. Took the one Christmas Village down so I could use that desk for our preschool registrations and after a little nap (while everyone is still at work and it's quiet), I'm going to lay out the forms to see where we stand. 

A gloomy day turned lovely. That's what I love about this life! How quickly it can all turn around!!


Penny said...

I agree Chy! One action to make us feel more positive, a really nice cup of tea, a smile and cheerful 'Good Morning' from a neighbour. All these little things can turn a day around! X

Chy said...

Exactly. Makes life sweeter to for all the good moments!