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January 18, 2016

Blue Monday.

For someone who is usually pretty up on notable days or events, I woke up today, having no idea that it is "Blue Monday." Did you know it was? Not sure how I missed this day but here we are, part way through, feeling a bit down, cold but hopeful the day will turn itself around. I know for a fact that I'm feeling cold and gloomy because I woke up with a cold. In my head! Ugh. But at least it was my day off and I have enough things I can do while lounging on the couch, with the fireplace on, watching taped episodes of "Days of our Lives" while I recuperate. I have my new David's Tea by my side, a warmed in the dryer cozy blanket and beautiful scenery outside that is making me glad for this unexpected day inside. It's mighty cold outside today!

So Blue Monday, what does it mean? Devised as a way to see when travelers will book sunny holidays, it has been in place since 2005. Usually falling on the third Monday of the month, it is a time when the sun is low, Christmas is officially done and the bills start to come through the post box. I know my gloominess has nothing to do with the sun, though it is missing today, because we live in a shorter period of sunlight from October to December. Then the sun begins to stay out longer and longer each day, leading up to the Happiest Day, which is usually around the third week in June, also known as Summer Solstice. I know my mood is gloomy today because of my cold and lack of sleep last night. But for those those that are suffering today, I hope they reach out for support, find some light in the dark and comfort with others. Never fun to have a down day. 

Hope your Blue Monday is going okay.
What are you doing on this day to keep happy?

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