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January 11, 2016

Falling into bed ....

I'm so tired I'm not even sure I'll hit the bed!! We had a lovely time off during the Christmas Season. Just over two whole weeks. It was heavenly. No phone calls. No emails. No deadlines. No meetings. Nothing at all! Bliss!!

Now we're back to work and life is busy again. A good busy, but still busy. Today, I'm feeling pretty tired as I've been working hard on my extensive "to do" list. Making headway and getting it all done. But it's a lot of work and it's starting to take it's toll. Monday is usually my day off work but that didn't mean it was a day to lay around. Here's what I accomplished today, on my day off:

* Two loads of laundry that normally get done on
the weekend but the washer and dryer
were too busy then.

* Dropped my daughter off for her work day at our centre
and popped in to answer emails and check voice mails.

* Stopped at the hardware store to pick up furnace filters, 
vent filters and a special tool for working on the dollhouse.

* Met two contractors at our income property to 
receive quotes on some work to be done.

* Took off the remainder of the old baseboards, 
door and window trim. Did some sanding.

* Painted one coat on the master bedroom 
and one of the children's bedrooms.

* Moved some donations items to the central 
spot in the house for easier pick up.

* Estimated the amount of paint still 
needed to finish up this big job.

* Stopped at the store for groceries and scored 
an awesome deal on my hair conditioner.

* Stopped at another store and scored an awesome 
deal on my hair color that washes out in time.

* Stopped at the library to pick up a dvd 
and a book on hold that had come in.

* Popped back in to my centre to meet a family 
and converse with my staff on their lunch hour.

* Drove home, stopping to pick up the mail.

* Made a quick lunch and spread out 
my paper work to complete. 

* Afternoon of crunching numbers, making appointments,
filling in the blanks, sending out and responding
to emails and FB posts.

* Dh made dinner, so I did the dishes and 
wiped down the cupboards and counters. 

* Took some time out to cut then glue the driveway for the 
dollhouse. Watched a couple of YouTube videos on 
how to make a wood floor with Popsicle sticks.

* Dyed my hair after a good wash 
and then drying with the blow dryer.

* Cleaned out my work bag, organized receipts 
and gathered my work for tomorrow. 

* Wrote a post for my blog .... oh, that's this task right now!!

How was your day?
Did you have a long "to do" list today?


Practical Parsimony said...

I need to wash the dishes, make sure my car runs, and eat. Mostly, I need to get the chicken's water heater set up.

Your list made me tired, but I am still tired from yesterday.

Chy said...

I think my list was even longer today!! But it's all good stuff that just needs to get done. My apologies for making you tired PP!!

Penny said...

I feel tired just reading your list! I always have a 'to do' list on the go. Don't always achieve everything on it though X

Chy said...

Many times not all the items get done. But it keeps me on my toes!