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January 13, 2016

Dollhouse Update: Shutters.

The dollhouse I'm working on came
with white shutters that had blue lines
painted on them. No lovely architectural
details at all. And I'm THE detail guy!

It was bugging me that they wouldn't
look authentic but my budget is limited,
so buying new ones is out when I have so
many other things to buy right now.

Then I remembered the big dollhouse,
tucked away in the attic, had a ton of
black shutters that look totally authentic.
So I pulled those off and got to work.

Mixed up some colors of paint and
started covering the black with green.

Here they are! Brighter and so much more
in touch with reality. Next step is to sand 
them a bit then install each one. I took
out the nails so I could reuse them again.

After the shutters are on, I'm going to do
one more coat of white paint inside and the
wallpapering will begin. The driveway is glued
down. Now we just need some green grass!

Are you working on any fun projects this year?


Penny said...

What a difference the new colour makes! Lovely X

Chy said...

It's looking lovely now. Hard to choose colors. Almost as hard as choosing colors for the real house!!