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January 31, 2016

Sunny Ice Sculpture.

In the big city where I work at the hospice, we are on the same residential street that each winter transforms into a Christmas walk for families to enjoy. All the houses and even our hospice decorate with lights, music and seasonal items that are spectacular. Long lines of people walk up and down the street at night when everything is lit up, or book a horse drawn wagon ride, and they marvel at the creations. The street has bins set up to collect food for the local food bank, a huge need at this time of year and this makes a nice dent in their wish list for clients. As our days are quite warm right now and everything keeps melting, I stopped the other day on the way home from work to snap this picture of an ice sculpture someone created before it melts away. The hours this art must have taken to create for all to enjoy is amazing. Love the sense of community this creates.

Do you have a Christmas walk in your community?
Are houses decorated with lights and music popular?

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