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January 18, 2016


Have you ever had a long winded and at moments, slightly heated email conversation with someone you've never meet? I had this experience this afternoon. A new parent contacted me about her dd's space for the Fall in our preschool program. Because our lead teacher won an amazing provincial award for Excellence in Teaching, we have had an overwhelming number of requests for space. For this mom, even though she was on our list (NOT a registration, just a name on a list), we had so many current families and siblings register, that we couldn't give her a spot in the morning as requested. We could give her a spot in the afternoon but that doesn't work for her schedule. Then I offered her a chance to stay on the list in case a family moves up to the afternoon or has to withdraw their registration due to a move or a change within the family. But that didn't help either. So now I have a very angry family. It is never my intention to upset anyone. But that doesn't help what is now a big issue. I'm hoping by morning another family will agree to move up to the afternoon but that's unlikely. Big world problems, I know, I know!

Can you believe how stressful getting your child into the 
"right" preschool is for parents now? It's not University!!


Penny said...

Sounds like you did everything you could to help this lady Chy. Some people are just terribly hard to communicate with, and think thenworld revolves round them X

Chy said...

That's quite true Penny. She's calmer now and still hoping to get in but the list is long, so we'll wait to see if she moves up at all.