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January 12, 2016

Empty Cup.

But a few minutes later,
it was full of champagne!

We were so lucky today to
have the Grey Cup at my work.

One of our staff members is
married to one of the football
players. So he brought the cup
in today and we got to play!!

How was your day?


Cheapchick said...

Funny - hubby was hugging that cup just before Christmas as he had a meeting with someone in their office and they were walking out just as they were bringing the cup back into the Eskimos building. Photo opportunity taken!

Chy said...

Nice! We've held it before as my dad was very involved in the sports world here, including with the Oilers, so we've had the Stanley Cup in our house too. It was a fun day!

Penny said...

Great photograph Chy! X

Chy said...

It was a fun day Penny! X