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January 31, 2016

Blogging Decision #1.

All of us blog for a variety of reasons and it's taken me a while to figure out what I want to accomplish with my own personal blog. I love having a place to record life, to connect with others who have similar views or lifestyles, to explore how others live, to gain new ideas and inspirations, and to give me a place to practice "writing" on a regular basis. I'm almost half way through writing my first book and blogging has helped me stay a bit more on track, now that I'm a bit more consistent with having time to write. Numbers are always swirling through my head and the last three years, I had a goal of writing 260 blog posts over the year, something I was able to achieve. This year, I'm giving myself a bigger goal of writing 400 blog posts. That's just over a post a day. Can I do it? Yes, I'm snickering too, but I like goals and I LOVE even numbers. I have to have even numbers!!.

The first part of my new challenge was to figure out how many posts to write each month, keeping in mind each month has to have an even number of posts. Before you think I need to visit the "funny farm" and check myself in, it's truly how my brain thinks. When we bought our land, we were allowed to choose our house number and it took me weeks to configure how we wanted our address to look with so many numbers in it, as all rural addresses have. Love our address now, as it encompasses both even and odd numbers but they add up to or have connection to our family in a few ways. The tile guy asked us how many rows of tiles we wanted in our master bath and I had to sit and calculate how many rows would work in our space and not drive me crazy! Thankful for his incredible patience while I mulled it all over.

Do you think there is a support group for people like me who have numbers swirling in their head ALL DAY LONG?

Back to my post. So I broke down the numbers to the months ~ that took quite a while. I should take pictures of the little scraps of papers while I calculated and recalculated. Finally got it to work and here's my plan so far, making sure each month has an even number of posts, and all these posts add up to an even 400 in total:

January ~ 34 posts
February ~ 32 posts
March ~ 30 posts
April ~ 36 posts
May ~ 34 posts
June ~ 32 posts
July ~ 30 posts
August ~ 36 posts
September ~ 34 posts
October ~ 32 posts
November ~ 36 posts 
December ~ 34 posts

And that my dears makes for a grand total of 400. Now I've got some catching up to do today as I'm only at 26 posts but I need to create 34 by the end of the day. Easy peasy as I have a ton of pictures and posts already in my head! Enjoy the read and I promise February will be definitely back on track.

Do you look at how many posts you write over the year?
If you do, do you have a number to write as a challenge?


Penny said...

Oh my goodness Chy, that is quite an ambition! Good luck with your challenge, I'm sure your followers will love hearing from you so frequently (I know I will). I aim for 2 posts/week, but often only manage 1. I don't have specific aims for my posts, apart from to write something that I am reasonably happy with. Now that I am doing my monthly Cookery challenge I will need to ensure a regular blog post on 1st of every month, apart from that no specifics. x

Chy said...

I'm looking forward to the Cookery Challenge too. I love challenges! ;)