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January 31, 2016

Gloomy Sunday.

It was quite a "gloomy Sunday" around here today. The sky was cloudy, even dark at times and we had a few snow flakes that feel, making it feel cold after a couple of weeks of sunshine and melting. We all slept in and lazed about for a while, then tackled a few tasks. Here's my list of accomplishments on this hazy and chilly day: 

*took a long hot shower
*started the laundry
*tidied up around the house
*organized our files
*sent in a book order for our centre
*created the monthly deposit for the bank
*made dinner and did the dishes
*played with the pup and the child
*folded the laundry
*took some small boxes up to the art studio to unpack
*took some boxes of extra tile out to the garage
*moved the lamp in the laundry room 
to sit on top of the water cooler

It was a quiet day, a restful day, a task oriented day but in the end, still gloomy. Maybe we needed a day like today.

How was your day?
Was it a "gloomy Sunday"?


Penny said...

Sometimes when it's gloomy outside, it's nice to be busy indoors X

Chy said...

Very true, Penny, very true!! X