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January 29, 2016

Tiling is Done.

It was a long week as the tiling began
on Tuesday and continued each day
until later this afternoon. After months
of waiting, it was worth the time. 

I'll post a better picture of the finished tiling.
But wanted to introduce our tiling man!

This is Tony. He turns 70 next 
month. And he is incredible!
Offering suggestions, going
beyond our expectations.

He wanted to take a picture to
show his wife the finished work.
In all his years, he's only taken
a picture of a kitchen once before.

It's done. And now our kitchen feels 
real. We had a vision, a picture in 
our minds that no one else could see 
then but they can see it now.

Love it!!


Penny said...

I'm sure he's dome a wonderful job for you! X

Chy said...

He was lovely and so thorough. Definitely worth the wait for just the right guy to show up!