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January 20, 2016

Creating a Cozy Corner.

One of our hopes with our new house was to create intentional places of comfort. One of our wishes was to have a window seat somewhere in the house. We feel lucky that not only have we come up with many cozy spots in our house that are so comfortable, we also ended up with two window seats! We have spent some time this winter figuring out the actual purpose of each. A big job to tackle.

Today, I'm focusing on the window seat in our master bedroom. It's now my favorite and the one we use the most, partly because of location, partly because of the view. We've found a number of little pillows to fill up the bench and few larger ones too. A soft green blanket for now, until we can find someone to make us some cushions to cover the seat from corner to corner. But it was missing one thing that we felt was needed to make it a truly warm and cozy corner.

The last time I was in town, I had a bit of break in between counseling sessions and decided to head over to the thrift store to see if any of the little items on my current treasure hunting list were there. And looky, looky!! On my list ~ a soft and abundant knitted or handmade blanket for the window seat. Colors of lavender or pink preferred. How perfect is this sweet little gem? Better than I could have even dreamt. I can't believe no one had bought it already.

On days like today, curling up in this cozy corner is a dream come true. A spot to gaze out at the snow covered world, while wrapped in a warm blanket, a good book in my lap and a hot, steaming cup of  sweet tea to sip.

The added bonus of this pretty in pink blanket is I also threw it on the end of the bed and it looks great there too. I think it may do a bit of "traveling" around the room whenever a bit of comfort is needed. A photo of the "end of the bed" option will happen at some point. Today, the cozy corner of the window seat was a preferred spot for reading and recovering from my cold. And it worked!

Do you have some sweet cozy corners in your home?
Have you found any thrifty treasures lately?


Susan said...

Yes, I love thrift stores. I love to buy, I love to donate. It's a vicious circle. 😆 I have a window seat in my bedroom also. Looks just like yours. I have baby blue walls with white trim. It's always had a cushion in it but this past year I took it out and decorated it just for looking at instead of sitting in. When I tire of this, I'll go back to that.

Chy said...

Always fun to change things up. Thanks for stopping by Susan!

Penny said...

I love your cosy corner! Window seats are so romantic! I would love one, but no windows in our house are very suitable. Thrift stores? Oh yes, all the time! Some great finds over the years X

Chy said...

It's so much fun looking for "treasures"! I can't believe some of the items we've been able to find over the years, at such a low cost, and often either an antique or something still wrapped in packing. Lots of fun! X