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March 21, 2020

Final Take Out.

At least a solid week before the World shut down around us, we had our final take out meal ~ Edo's! I'm so craving it right now and though it is still open, we are staying home and not taking any chances. Yesterday, our local Medical Director said take out is safe as long as you transfer it to your own dishes once you get it home or it arrives by driver. For me, it's really not worth the huge risk if the person preparing it is not yet ill but carrying the virus. So we'll patiently wait until this World event is over and then we'll wait a bit longer, just to be sure. And once we get to order this tasty dish again, it will be heavenly and so appreciated! 

~ Chy


Mereknits said...

We had take-put last night. I tried my best to make sure the cartons were wiped down but really you can only do so much. I want to support local businesses and keep the food we have for other meals. It is crazy. Stay safe.

Chy said...

It's hard to know what will work to keep us all safe and healthy. Wish this was over. Hoping it doesn't last too long with all our measures. And that the death toll slows and stops. So heartbreaking.

X Chy