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March 25, 2020

Home Tour #3.

Our little living room. A place to visit
with friends and family. To read, to sit.

At the of the afternoon, the sun streams
in this south side and it's so pretty then.

We often put this light on when the sun
goes down, for anyone arriving to visit.

My favorite corner, with my harp and
some old family pictures I've inherited. 

My pretty writing desk. A vintage Ethan
Allen. Love sitting here to write and dream.

This room comes off the front door and
then we have a french door leading in to
the turreted sun room, also facing south.
I'm trying to find a pretty area rug to
warm up this space in the Winter. A bit
of softening. And the rug has to be able
to work for a matching area rug for the
dining room that is across the hallway.
Taking a lot of time to find just the right
color, size and softness. Soon, I hope!

Do you have a quiet space to write?
A space to invite family and friends?

~ Chy


wisps of words said...

Love home tours!!!!!

Gentle hugs,
🌸 🌸 🌸

TheAwakenedSoul said...

What a beautiful room! I think I have the same couch, but mine is a loveseat. I love the pattern. All of your artistic touches are just lovely.