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October 28, 2016

Quiet Visitors.

We have a deer family that comes to visit each day
right around 4 p.m., quietly through the woods.

Sometimes they spot us watching them.
I often wonder what they are thinking.

She looks confused! This is the baby we've
watched grow from a tiny doe to full grown.

Off she goes to catch up to her family members.
I love these visits and feel honored they choose to
still come on our property, even though there is
now a house on site and kids toys in the garden.

Do you have deer close by?
Or other quiet visitors in your garden?


Penny said...

When I lived in the north of Scotland, the deer used to come down from the hills in late autumn, early winter, and would be everywhere. The earlier they came down, the harsher the winter would be. I still love to see them now, there are one or two locally in the woods, but nothing like the numbers I used to see x

Chy said...

We just finished watching a documentary on a castle in Scotland ~ such beautiful country. I bet there are many deer near and on that estate! X