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October 21, 2016


Last month, we started Vitamin B12 shots
for my daughters and myself to increase
our daily energy. Each of us was depleted,
not an uncommon thing here in the North.
Dh "chickened out" of said shot but this
month, he jumped right in after we were
each amazed how much energy each of
us felt for an entire 28 days. Day 29, it
all went downhill and out came the shots
again. We'll see how well he does and if
it make a difference for him. He's a healthy
guy but busy and starting to feel the effects.

Our dear grandson has decided this is one
of his favorite days ~ he gets to put the tiny
bandaids on each of us. We really don't need
 them as there is no blood to catch, but he insists. 

Do you supplement your current 
health with extra Vitamins?


Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

They sound like they really worked and maybe I need to get a shot myself!

Chy said...

It's worked well for us Cathy. My daughter is a nurse and can administer it at home for us but prior to that, my Naturopath was the driving force for this option. And I have no regrets!

Penny said...

How interesting Chy. What a great energy boost! I occasionally take extra vitamin/mineral supplements, but often forget. I do feel more energetic when I eat lots of fruit and veg though x

Chy said...

We eat tons of fruit and veggies too but energy is an issue. I think it's because our sun is so north up here and we get depleted. The shots are a real boost as taking vitamins by mouth doesn't always give the best amount. I love the effect and know my body will only take what I need. Worth the "ouch" in the arm!! X