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October 31, 2016

And Darkness Fell ....

I was able to capture a few shots before 
it became too dark to use my camera.

Our Halloween front door for this year.
I forgot we had these lights ~ tiny ghosts.

It was fun to make pumpkins groups
and light our lanterns, setting the scene.

We carved 4 pumpkins ~ an arrow at
the beginning of our driveway and then
a Peace sign, a sad face and BOO on our
veranda. We had lots of compliments.

The white lanterns were a gift. We had
a few grey ones and they looked great
together. Just enough light to brighten
the path and the veranda. We now have
5 white and 3 grey and I hope to gather
a few more in the future. They are nice
and bright and the wind (which we have
tonight) can't blow out all the candles. 


Anne in the kitchen said...

The decorations are adorable!

Chy said...

Thank you Anne! It was fun to decorate this year, especially with warmer weather. And NO snow!!