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October 21, 2016

A Week Ago ....

.... and our world was blanketed in white! A
storm that was predicated actually happened
and literally shut down everything until the
next morning. We came home just after lunch.

Here's our little cottage in the woods, buried
behind the trees and deep within the snow.

A deer came out, just after dinner, to look
for his own meal, now covered all up.

Wondering if he should venture into the
woods or continue to pluck from our yard.

Spotting us peeking out the windows.
We whisper when we see our deer!

Looking around at the hushed noises
from our house .... so close to us this time.

And finally, trekking back to the forest
to meet up with his little family. Nice visit.


Penny said...

That was quite a snowfall! None here so far this year, it is still nicely autumnal, with crisp, sunny days and lots of crunchy fallen leaves. Your visiting deer is very beautiful x

Chy said...

We're back to Fall again. The snow has melted, I can hear my neighbors down the lane mowing their grass and I'm sitting on the veranda in the sun, watching the geese fly overhead. Love our deer. So glad they still visit, even though there is now a house in their meadow. X