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October 22, 2016

Magic from Nothing.

We came home the other night and realized we
hadn't figured out dinner. Nothing was defrosting
from the freezer, nothing was in the crock pot,
nothing was inspiring us. I was chilly and was
sent off for a hot bath. And when I came down,
this amazing dish was waiting for me .... bowtie
pasta with alfredo sauce, green peas and turkey. I
love having a dh who can make magic from nothing.


Penny said...

I really like dinners like that too. Last night I pulled some frozen prawns, scallops, salmon and smoked mackrel out of the freezer, called and asked my husband to pick up some white wine on the way home from work, took down some arborio rice from the cupboard, and 20 minutes later we were eating a delicious seafood risotto! X

Chy said...

That sounds amazing Penny! We love seafood and try to treat ourselves at least once a month as it's very expensive because we're not right beside the sea. X