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October 28, 2016

Fall Wreath.

It was time for a new Fall Wreath this
year and we found just the perfect one.

Full of rich colors, it was an incredible deal. 
A $40 item marked down to $10 ~ brand new.

I love the colors against our black front
door and the pumpkins on the veranda deck.

Do you have a Fall Wreath?
Is your home decorated this season?


Penny said...

Whenthe boys were small I used tomdecorate for Halowe'en, but as they have grown up, neither of them loke halowe'en now, so it tends to pass me by a bit. It is more of a 'last marker before christmas' for us! X

Liliana said...

It is great how good it looks on your door! Love it so much! Perfect contrast!

Chy said...

Thanks for visiting Penny! I tend to decorate more for Fall but add in a few Halloween items i the days around Halloween. Not too much, just enough to keep our grands interested! X

Chy said...

We love the colors and the contrast Liliana. Thank you! X