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October 19, 2016

Kylo the Kitty.

Meet the newest member of our family ....
sweet baby Kylo, age 8 weeks old.

Our grandson's kitty, he does spend some time 
each day upstairs with us, keeping us laughing.

He's very curious and so full of energy.
Even inanimate objects are intriguing to him.

Kylo is cute, adventurous, full of purrs and
big on affection. And trouble .... he loves it!

But after a bit of playtime with grandpa,
he always comes back to have a nap beside
me. He knows who the playful one is and
who he can trust for a good rest afterwards.


Liliana said...

Hello kitty! So sweet! Kisses!

Chy said...

He's a real sweetie Liliana! So much fun to watch him explore this new world around him. X

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Isn't he a sweet boy !
I love the antics of kittens :)

Chy said...

Jo, he is super sweet so far. We hope he stays this way as he grows! X