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October 9, 2016

Real Life.

 While we cooked our 1st dinner
today for Thanksgiving, I took a
half hour to tidy up our laundry
room. It was quite the big disaster! 

Isn't it awful? It had become a dumping 
ground that I was embarrassed to admit.

The counter is cluttered, the cupboards
not organized and the floor is a mess.

I can't believe it had somehow become
our "laundry basket" for dirty clothes.

But after a short time, I had it back under 
control and you could see the floor again.

Now you can even see the sweet vintage floral
and birdhouse pictures I've collected over the 
years. One day, they will actually all be hung up
on the walls but for now, they line our counter.

Figuring out curtains now for this bright and 
now tidy again space. A floral print for sure.

Do you have a messy spot in your home?
What are your plans for that space?


debbie said...


Lorrie said...

Right now it's my sewing room and there's a pile of papers and mail to sort on the kitchen counter. When we actually live in our homes, messes are sure to result! Your laundry room clean up looks great!

Chy said...

There are days for sure that every room can get out of order. Thanks for visiting Debbie! Off to read your blog now!

Chy said...

Thanks Lorrie. Hopefully it will stay like this. I had a bit of a "discussion" with all the residents of the house yesterday. Heads were hanging but promises made for tidying up after using the laundry room and for putting the clothes in their respective baskets in the closet, hidden away. We'll see how well it goes!

Liliana said...

My storage room is always a mess! Always someone brings stuff inside and place on any empty spot.

Chy said...

Hi Liliana. Thanks for sharing. It's tough to keep organized, especially when we have family living with us!