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October 22, 2016

Grocery Deals.

My quick stop at the store on Friday netted a
few items to fill up our fridge, freezer and the
veranda. Here's the breakdown of my little trip:

* 9 packages of boneless and skinless chicken
breasts ~ a bargain as chicken has just gone up
in price and these were $4.25 less per kg than
the new price. My quick calculation shows I
saved a very tidy $32. Love deals like this!

* a whole chicken to roast for Sunday dinner.

* a perfect head of lettuce that last week was
almost $4 but on Friday, the price was $1.69.

* a bag of whole organic mushrooms, on sale,
cheaper than the regular ones and in much
better shape and size. Organic does pay.

* a big block of marble cheese for $13.98 but
the store price was $8.99 and then the sale price
was $6.99. We love cheese and use lots so this
is an amazing price for something we will eat.

* my treat: a box of Frosted Cheerios. Regular
price was $4.98 but on Friday, $2.98.

* just 2 Mac apples. Not on sale but still so good.

* finally, 2 pumpkins for the veranda, on sale.

Grand total: $102. If everything was paid at
full price, I would have spent well over $160.
Worth the time to research sales and look for
in store deals as well. And it only took me
less than 20 minutes to do this shop. We had
milk in the fridge, a fresh block of butter, the
pantry is full and the freezer has some items
so we should be good for most of this week.

How is your pantry looking this fall?
Any good grocery deals you can share?


Anne in the kitchen said...

It is great to his major grocery bargains, isn't it!
My best grocery deal this week was going to the store for just a few items. I am trying to use my food storage (particularly my freezer) because I am going to need some space there around Thanksgiving.

Lorrie said...

I'm always looking for deals at the grocery store. You found some great ones, especially the chickens.
Just now I'm trying to use up stuff in the freezer as we've ordered a quarter of beef to share with our daughter and her husband, and I need to make room for it.

Chy said...

Anne, thanks for visiting. I love stocking up and then using what we've saved instead of shopping every day. Good luck using up your stash!

Chy said...

It was a good shopping day, Lorrie!