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October 30, 2016

Halloween Dilemma.

On the dark Eve of Halloween, we have quite a large and not easy dilemma on our hands. After a week and a bit of harsh rains, our front path to our front door, is very muddy, sinking our boots down in sludge. Today, we moved some gravel over the mud but it didn't take care of the entire situation. Now we're trying a new plan.

Instead of having costumed children trudge up the hill to our house, then wade through the mud to the veranda, up the steps, we're thinking of setting up a small display of Halloween decor just before the muddy path. We can hear if anyone is driving up so we will then go out to greet our visitors so they can have a great time and not get stuck in the mud. By the end of the week, the mud will be dried and we can use our path again. For tomorrow, we'll improvise so our little trick or treaters aren't lost in the mud! A fun night doesn't need any obstacles. 


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan, I would set up a little 'spook' area, and save the trekking through the mud.
Happy Halloween !

Liliana said...

Great plan! What are you going to do if you stuck in mud?

Penny said...

Sounds like the perfect solution! X

Chy said...

Well, my plan to set up a new area for our little trick or treaters changed today. A blog post will describe the plan and how it all worked out. Stay tuned!!