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October 26, 2016

People Watching.

I'm at the dealership this morning while they do my oil change (free for as long as I have my car) and swap out my summer tires for my winters. They are supposed to shuttle me to work but the driver is late and ironically, my car will be ready before she's back. So I'm sitting here, chilled out and "people watching" while I wait. A fun activity when the moments ahead are boring. I like to try and guess the life behind the body, the story behind the life. I love people watching when I'm sitting waiting for something or someone. Great way to kill the time.

Across from me, a lovely Asian lady who is wishing to buy a car but there is a blip in her credit. She's all dressed in black, with comfy Ugg boots and a knitted handbag. On her phone and texting and scrolling like mad. She doesn't look too worried, maybe slightly. Hope she gets her car today so she can smile and be happy.

Another older Asian man was across from me but is now pacing. I'm not sure if they are together as I came in after they were already here. They haven't conversed or made any eye contact that I've seen. Maybe they are together but he's not happy about the credit situation. He's calm but nervous. But not smiling at all.

Older woman who's on her phone and not participating in watching the tv that is on for us to watch. Maybe the show doesn't interest her. Maybe she's meal planning. Maybe she's chatting with a friend. No guess by her face. She has a "I'm not going to look at anyone" kind of look about her. I'm sure she'd rather be somewhere else.

Older guy who is clearly retired and has all the time in the world today. Not taking the shuttle offer. He'll just wait. No interest in the tv. No interest in walking around or going to visit the shops close by. He'll just sit and wait, and wait, and wait. And people watch.

Ah, a new seat mate! She just came out of the sales office with a big smile on her face and a glossy folder in her hand. She's excited  .... perhaps a new car? Or a good deal? Or she thinks she got a good deal!! It's hard work getting a good deal. I know, I'm the queen of good deals!

More sales guys than customers today. It's quiet in here, a bit chilly and I do wish they would put the fireplace on. But I declined the shuttle to go anywhere because my car is supposed to be done in the next few minutes. An oil change, inspection and tire swap, plus car wash, all within an hour and a half. I'm happy to wait vs. taking the shuttle and having to wait to be picked up again. I need to get to work but am happy I could do some work here and not get too behind in my schedule. Plus, taking the shuttle would have meant sitting in a closed vehicle with a grouchy looking driver and people who need to be somewhere, just like me. Happy my dealership is fast and I can get out of here to get on with my day. It was fun but my people watching is now done. 

What's on your plate today?
Any "people watching" in your day?


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Lol Chy, your eye for detail is impressive. I like to people watch, usually in the doctor's office. People fascinate me.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Lol Chy, your eye for detail is impressive. I like to people watch, usually in the doctor's office. People fascinate me.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I love people watching and create back stories for them for my personal amusement!

Liliana said...

A day on watching others! Great exercise! And writing stories about them!