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February 19, 2016


You know when you have a worry that is so big, it affects your sleep, your mood, your every day life and it feels like there is nothing you can do, except face it head on? Yup, that kind of worry! Well, that was me with a particular worry. But today, some relief and a collective "phew" was part of our vocabulary today. The worry was real, the solution out of our hands but today, in our favor. While waiting for a couple of guests today to arrive at our house to go over the worry and see what could be done, I kept very busy. Cleaning the house from top to bottom, spending time on some projects for work, paying bills, writing, setting aside some sewing that needs to be completed, washing tiles in the kitchen, making lists, reorganizing the pantry, starting some laundry, cleaning out the fridge, answering emails and calls, deciding what to make for dinner and finally, taking some time just for me to unwind after our worry became full of hope and promise. A great ending to a very stressful time. 

Have you had any big worries lately?
What do you do to cope with the stress?


Penny said...

I am very pleased to hear that your worry has been resolved. It must be a relief for you. You can relax now and enjoy your weekend! X

Chy said...

Thank you Penny! It was a huge relief and now we can get back to life again!!