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February 28, 2016

Cold and Cloudy.

After an incredible winter of very little snow and unseasonable warm temperatures, today, we have a cold snap. There is a cold wind, the clouds are low and gloomy, the sun has disappeared, and it's bitter out there. We leave in an hour to pick up some groceries and then watch our little guy play hockey. I've had a warm bath and am now waiting for my clothes to finish a "warm up" dry in the dryer. It's definitely a day to dress in layers. Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest at -20. Then on Tuesday, it pops up to +2. No one wonder our community is so sick right now! Knock on wood today we're good. Stay away colds! Stay away flues!! No time for any illnesses now ....

How's the weather in your little corner of the world?
Warm and sunny or cold and windy?


Anne in the kitchen said...

Mid to high 60's today with crystal clear blue skies here.

Chy said...

Sounds lovely!