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February 1, 2016

Gloomy Pictures.

Two pictures from our "Gloomy Sunday".
It really was that dark outside, overcast
and cold, frosty and dull. No sun at all.
Thankful for this warm and colorful home.


Sonya Ann said...

Its all gloom here too. I just keep telling myself that we are on the upswing so it won't be much longer.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Until a few minutes ago it was postcard gorgeous here. When the days are near 80 in the beginning of February you know something wicked is going to follow. The bottom just fell out and they are predicting thunderstorms and high winds. On the flip side the weekend was incredible and I guess it was worth it.

Chy said...

Now we've had 2 sunny, melting the snow days and it feels so much lighter! Thanks for visiting and sharing Sonya Ann.

Chy said...

Hope your weather turns around Anne!