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February 16, 2016


When we went in to town yesterday,
it was quite gloomy and cold out.
So we decided at the last minute
to leave our bedroom blinds closed.

Part way through the day, the sun came
out and the chilly air became very warm.

When we came home, I decided to go up
to have a bath to ease my aching body. And
look what was greeting me in our bedroom!
Pretty sparkles from the sunlight streaming
through the closed but airy blinds, hitting
the crystals on the chandelier, making this
sweet design all over the wall and ceiling.

Isn't it pretty?


Anne in the kitchen said...

That is lovely, like being somewhere enchanted

Penny said...

So pretty Chy. You are discovering new things about your house all the time! X

Chy said...

Thanks Anne. It is very enchanted. Too gloomy today but hoping when the sun is out tomorrow, I'll be able to capture more!

Chy said...

It's so much fun Penny because every day is still so new to us. Every corner we turn seems so amazing!!