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February 12, 2016

Dollhouse Update: Landscaping.

Now that the outside of the dollhouse
is finished being painted, it was time
to think about the landscaping. My dh
bought the wood base for the "grass".

Careful measuring and cutting took 
place and then it was time to glue.

We had enough grass but it did have to 
be cut up into sections to fit all around.

I wish the landscaping we'll be doing in the 
spring and summer at this house could be as easy!

Looks so lovely against the pale
yellow straw color of the house.

After all the pieces were set, we
then placed the stone walk way.

Once we decide on a fence, then
we'll glue down the stones.

We added a couple of the
green shutters to the window.

Really loving the colors we chose. It's such
a difficult task to try and imagine the look.

Have you been working on any projects this winter?
Or do you have projects you'd like to be tackling?


Penny said...

What a difference the 'grass' makes, it really brings the dolls' house to life. The path is very cute too! X

Chy said...

Thanks Penny! It's fun to think about how we can landscape this tiny space while we wait for the snow to go away here to start the big landscaping job! X