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February 10, 2016

Tony the Tiler.

Such a great guy. We truly 
lucked out in booking the best. 

Even though he was paid through
our building fund, we enjoyed him
so much and he added some great
ideas to our design, a tip was in order!

A thank you and a gift card to
take his lovely and patient wife
out for a lovely evening after a
job well done. He was thrilled!

Now we wait for the rest of the
trades to finish up. Can't wait.

If you've built or renovated, did you enjoy
the process or couldn't wait for the end?


Anne in the kitchen said...

With remodeling/adding on to the house I could not wait for it to be finished. Now our nest is empty and we are wondering why we ever did it!

Sonya Ann said...

Good help really is hard to find and going the extra mile did deserve a little extra.
I've lived through many redos. It makes me all kinds of nuts and we always manage to break something else while fixing something. UGH

Penny said...

What a kind thought Chy! I'm sure your tiler was thrilled. We did loads of work to our house when we moved in and I rather liked the sense of movement and progress. X

Chy said...

That's too funny Anne! I'm sure in a few years, once they all finally leave and it's just the two of us, we'll wonder that as well!

Chy said...

Sonya Ann, we were so done with renovating that it's been lovely to have someone else do the actual work. Still a bit of stress with setting up appointments and then having to hang around so they can have access to the house. But worth it all!

Chy said...

Thanks Penny! Yes, he did love it. I bet your house looks great!! X