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February 24, 2016

Only Six Days Left.

In just six days, this very busy but productive but oh so busy month will be done. And the next six days are so action packed, I have two lists running just to be sure I don't miss anything. Life is busy at the best of times but right now, it's literally crazy with everything that needs to be accomplished before March 1st. I know that we will get every last item done but I'm still today filled with a feeling of anxiousness as I realize the time is truly, minute by minute, ticking down. I cannot stand failure and have never really figured out why, when I know it will get done, I do get riled up that things won't happen. Here I am again, list in hand, feeling doomed. A time for a pep talk on my way in to town today I think!

The grand list:

* Issue T4's to my staff. They are done but I have a discrepancy in the final numbers compared to budget, so I have to sort that that first before I issue. Small crew and no one is worried but to me, a deadline is a deadline. By law in Canada, they must be in hand on the last day of February. My goal is today. 

* Meet the carpet company at the old house this morning to make arrangements for the stairs and upper hall to be re~carpeted before our tenants move in. The other company has neglected to follow through on the original appointment, then missed the second one! So a new company has offered to finish the job for us. Fingers crossed the figures fit into our budget. 

* Finish clearing out the garage at the old house with the items we set aside for the bin that will magically take them away. The bin arrived the other day. Now we have to fill it.The bin will leave our garage by Saturday, so we have just a few days to use it fully.

* Call a local church that is looking for furniture and house hold items for new refugees who will be arriving soon in our community. We left these items at the old house, rather than move them to the new house and now it's time for someone else to love them. Fingers crossed the church will be able to take all the items so we don't have to find homes for anything left over. 

* Send in our medical receipts for reimbursement. Deadline is March 1st. I wrote it up yesterday and made copies and dh has left for work, with the packet in hand to scan and email to the benefits company. A cheque will  be deposited into our travel account in about ten days. 

* Ensure my administrator has completed tax receipts for donations made to our charity before the end of the month. I have two to write up and submitted the letters I wrote to each family to her last night. Now she just needs to add the receipts and mail them off. Fingers crossed with her busy week she gets it done before Monday. 

* Meet the plumber at the old house on Thursday morning. We have a few small items that need attention. I don't expect any surprises but know it won't be cheap!

* Finished the last bit of wall painting at the old house. Begin painting the windows and doors inside. We have the contractor back on the weekend to install the new trim so I need to make sure the rest is done first. I'm painting tonight and tomorrow morning and they start on Friday. 

* Do a big clean once the contractor is done before our tenants move in on Tuesday. As the house is empty, it's a bit easier. And the floors are new and the walls freshly painted, so it's just scrubbing appliances, washing the floors, dusting the light fixtures and washing the windows. Easy peasy but still time. My goal is to have this done by Sunday but Monday is my day off, so if I need some extra time, it's there.

* Switch out our utilities to new family then do a walk through on Monday to hand over the keys for Tuesday. Then it will be another big job of our shoulders and more time on our own hands to truly enjoy this house and start to plan our spring landscaping. 

Can't wait for that moment when I know that it is all 
done and relaxing can begin. So looking forward to that!!


Penny said...

Oh Chy! I feel exhausted just reading this list! You have a lot to do. You are very organised, and very determined, so it will all get done. Then you can relax!! X

Chy said...

An exhausting list but we're getting it done!!