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February 29, 2016

Organizing the Pantry.

We've lived in our new house now for 8 months and I'm still thrilled each time I open up our pantry. It's such a treat to have a place to store food and to stock up when there's a good sale. But it can get messy at times and I've been searching for some nice bins to help create "zones" on the shelves. This will be a work in process. I finally found a system that I decided to try out and I love them.

See, it's getting messy again!

Too much stuff. But stuff we will consume.

The lovely bins, on sale, at HomeSense.

I took everything out and created my "zones" and
now look how sweet it all is. Nothing was thrown out.

Even a bin for hot chocolate mixes and popcorn packs.

And one for our teas, both hot and cold. I need more
and will be back to the store soon to pick up extras.

How do you keep your pantry organized?
Do you use bins or baskets or just stack items?

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