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February 28, 2016

New Linens.

We've now lived in our new house for a grand total of eight wonderful months. One of our promises to ourselves was to invest in a new set (or two) of good quality sheet set(s) for our bedroom. We even donated our old set as well as some extra pieces we rarely used, and an old quilt and some blankets. We knew if we kept what we had, we'd never get around to shopping. Old old linen closet was so tiny, but thankfully this one is a walk in and in our eyes, massive! Lots of room to store new linens. Over time, as we've been out and about shopping, we've scoured the aisles for just the right set (or two) with no luck. Not the right shade, not the right pattern and often, not the right price! Frugality is still key, despite a bigger house. How we got here isn't going to change our spending habits, so remaining thrifty is still the name of the game. 

Last week, I had an hour to use up between meeting a family for counselling and meeting an organization for a fundraiser they'll be doing for us. So off to HomeSense I went. And look what I found!!

At first, I decided to buy both so that we could choose one and take the other one back. I mean, really, who buys two sets of sheets? But we ended up not being able to choose just one as both are exactly the right colors. And then my daughter reminded me how much of a hassle it is to wash sheets and not be able to make the bed right away. "Keep both mom" she suggested. And after realizing that we were already saving because the cost of both of these add up to the cost of just one set at most stores in our region, it was a done deal! So now we have two and "sheet change day" will be much lovelier around here!

Do you collect linens for your home?
Do you have more than one set of sheets for your bed?


Anne in the kitchen said...

I like to have 2 sets of sheets per bed that is regularly used (we have extra bedrooms which still have beds with just one set per bed) Just the other day TheHub was sick and sweating out a fever. It was nice to be able to change the sheets when he took a shower so he could get back into fresh sheets without waiting while I laundered the dirty ones.

Chy said...

It's definitely a great idea to have two sets. Hope your dh is on the mend!