About Me

December 4, 2017

Tiny Hockey Star.

I grew up around hockey players as
my dad was very involved both as a
coach and within the media. And my
younger brother played all his life too.

Our boys enjoyed watching the game
and playing for fun but none of them
expressed any interest in being on a
formal team. They played football,
soccer, did theatre, music and found
other creative outlets they loved to do.

We were just fine with that, especially
knowing that in this country, many teams
have to practice at 6 in the morning in
order to have ice team consistently.

So it was a bit of a shock when we had to
take our little guy to an early morning game ....

.... very early. We left home in the dark and
it was hard to feel warm as we drove thru
the snow. But the game was amazing, he
had a great time and played like a little
start and it was a great experience. On
the way home, he kept falling asleep but
perked up for the rest of the day and did
just fine. Us? We had to have a mid day
nap on the couch, with the fireplace on
and a cheesy Christmas movie playing in
the background. We were a little out of our
element but it was a fun time and worth it.


Granny Marigold said...

He's so little! Do they really start that young?

Chy said...

He actually started at 3 and now he's 7. They start pretty young now! X Chy